We kick off 2023 with a focus on audio and video technologies and solutions. Check out the complete January/February issue of Elektor Mag for articles on the following topics and much more: audio signals and the ESP32, video output with microcontrollers, industrial vision systems, a 32-Ω headphone amplifier, a tube amp design, and using light for sound effects. Enjoy the magazine! 
Elektor Jan Feb Cover 2023

Inside the Jan/Feb Issue

In the first edition of 2023, we offer a wide range of content on topics such as audio technology, video solutions, THD measurement, and even biomaterial in electronics!
  • Video Output with Microcontrollers (1): Composite Video
  • electronica 2022: News from the World’s Leading Electronics Trade Show
  • MakePython ESP32 Development Kit
  • Opera Cake Antenna Switch for HackRF One: Connect Up to Eight Antennas to Your SDR
  • Interview: Engineering with Arduino and More
  • Audio Signals and the ESP32: The ESP-ADF Environment in Practice
Jan Feb 2023 TOC.png
  • From Life’s Experience: Musings on the Quality of Things
  • Developer’s Zone: THD Measurement with an Oscilloscope and FFT
  • Ethics in Action: Biomaterial in Electronics (Ready or Not)
  • Retronics: Elektor High-Power AF Amplifier
  • HomeLab Tours: A Volumetric Display Made in Canada
  • Err-lectronics: Corrections, Updates, and Readers’ Letters
Audio Video MCU article Elektor Jan Feb 2023.png
  • All-Seeing Machines: The Technology Behind Today’s Industrial Vision Systems
  • Infographics: Facts and Figures
  • The Evolution of Voice and Audio Control for Electronic Devices
  • WEEF 2022 in Review
  • FFWD electronica 2022 in Review: Innovators Did Not Fail to Impress
  • ESP32 Camera: So Simple, It Doesn’t Even Have to Use Wi-Fi
  • ATX Power Supply for Raspberry Pi
  • 32-ΩHeadphone Amplifier: Simple But High-Quality 3-Chip Solution
  • SDR Radio-Controlled Clocks: Five Time Signals, Six Displays
  • Reverse-Engineering a Bluetooth Low Energy LED Badge
audio signals article jan feb 2023
  • The Tube: An Unusual Tube Amplifier
  • LiDAR Precision Gauge: Measure Up to 12 Meters
  • Using Light for Sound Effects: LDR-Based Voltage-Controlled 24 dB/oct Synthesizer Filter

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