Elektor News Bytes covers the latest product launches in the semiconductor and electronics industry. During the show, editor Stuart Cording takes a look at various electronics-related developments and products: an ultra-low-power, subthreshold microcontroller for medical applications; how AI is improving sorting algorithms; a new F-RAM targeting vehicle black boxes that are expected to be introduced in European cars in 2024; and more. 

Some key points:

1. Ambiq's ultra-low power microcontrollers for wearable health applications.
2. The use of AI for optimizing sort algorithms in assembler.
3. TDK's launch of a 5 kW power supply for testing EV batteries.
4. The EU's requirement for vehicles to have black boxes (Event Data Recorders), with Infineon offering a new 1-megabit ferroelectric RAM to store crash data reliably.
5. Harwin's Archer mezzanine connector series for high-speed and reliable connections.
6. Analog Devices' software-defined mixed-signal front-ends for 6G and Wi-Fi 7 RF development.
7. Toshiba's TLP3476S photorelay that reduces the size of automated test equipment (ATE).
8. Tasking's VX-Toolset Version Seven, a powerful Eclipse-based C and C++ compiler for ASIL D applications.
9. A long-term supplier partnership between Vitesco Technologies and Rohm for SiC applications in automotive electronics.
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