The 140-page Elektor Summer Circuits 2022 edition is packed with circuits and articles on topics such as DIY EMI filters, an Arduino Ammeter, and KiCad 6. It will hit the newsstands in August, but you can pre-order today! It's sure to be a collector's item.

Summer Circuits & Projects

Many long-time Elektor readers will remember our past summer circuit editions. This year it's back! Over the past several months, we've worked with dozens of colleagues and Elektor community members to create an extra-thick Summer Circuits 2022 edition of Elektor. As in previous years, the edition features something for everyone, from the analog aficionado to the engineer looking to dive into KiCad 6.
Summer Circuits 2022 Table of Content
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In keeping with tradition, we hope the Summer Circuits 2022 edition will inspire you to hit the workbench during these warm months. And when you do, be sure to post your projects on the Elektor Labs platform
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A Retro-Cool US-Style Siren Kit

The Summer Circuits 2022 edition features a fun project — a US-style siren. For the current edition, Clemens Valens worked hard to bring back this classic Elektor circuit by Ludwig Libertin. The result is a new kit the includes an attractively styled circuit board and wooden holder that you can put on your desk to wow your friends and colleagues. 
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How does it work? The circuit can create three different “US-style” siren sounds: police, ambulance,and fire brigade. You can select the desired sound using switch S1. Push button S2 was added for on/off control. It's that simple — and fun! Order yours.

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