Looking for an affordable, reliable, and fast PCB service? ElektorPCB4Makers is an eco-friendly solution for European electronics designers who need an easy-to-use way to order PCBs at low prices. Visualize and order your PCB instantly. Get 2 prototypes in 3 days! 

Your high-quality PCBs are then manufactured in Europe with materials that meet European Standards and Regulations (RoHS, Conflict Minerals, REACH). Your final price includes the PCB prototypes (two, five, or 10), delivery charges, and VAT. 
ElektorPCB4Makers PCB Service
Visualize and order your PCB instantly. Drag and drop your design as one ZIP file.

Not Your Typical PCB Service

European electronics makers and pro engineers no longer have to look to Asia for PCB design services. We ship boards to every country in the European Union. 

We're fast. You can have two PCB prototypes in three working days, five PCB prototypes in five working days, and 10 PCB prototypes in 10 working days (add one to two days for shipping within Europe).

We're eco-friendly. All PCBs are responsibly produced in Eurocircuits’s factories in Germany and Hungary. Every care is taken to be fully compliant with all European regulations.

We're cost effective. Electronics makers, students, and independent PCB designers alike will find the service affordable. We value industrial-grade materials, processing, and finishing. And we provide a budget-friendly option when you select four layers.

Get Started with ElektorPCB4Makers 

Ready to place your first order with ElektorPCB4Makers? The process  is straightforward. Visit ElektorPCB4Makers.com
  • Drag and drop your design as one ZIP file. The system works faster with EAGLE and KiCAD PCB design.
  • Select the number of layers, board width, board height, delivery format, and number of boards.
  • Head to checkout after checking the images of your PCB.
    Placing an order on ElektorPCB4Makers.com
    Select the number of layers, board width, board height, delivery format, and number of boards.
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ElektorPCB4Makers or Elektor PCB Service?

Elektor currently offers two PCB services: ElektorPCB4Makers and Elektor PCB Service. What's the difference?

ElektorPCB4Makers was made specifically for Eurpean-based designers looking for a speedy, low-cost, easy-to-use solution for just a few PCB prototypes. Simply head over to ElektorPCB4Makers.com, drop in your files, and calculate the price!

If you need more than a few PCB prototypes, you can use Elektor PCB Service for a more comprehensive PCB design solution. Elektor PCB Service offers professional design tools and fast turnaround times at great prices. You can choose from a variety of products and services, including PCB proto, STANDARD Pool, DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool, BINDI pool, SEMI-FLEX pool, RF Pool, Stencil, and IMS Pool.

Good luck with your next design!