Business at Eurocircuits is back to normal after a fire partly destroyed the Hot Air Leveling (HAL) production line at the end of last October. Only orders that require HAL or gold fingers still have an additional 2-day lead time.

A Flash in the Pan

Disaster struck on October 27, 2021, at the Hungarian factory of Eurocircuits when a fire hit the pan of the HAL machine. The entire HAL department went up in flames together with the adjacent hard-gold line. The galvanic lines were damaged too. One employee suffered light injuries.
Fire at Europc
Flames through the roof. (Source: Eurocircuits)
The fire brigade responded quickly and managed to put out the fierce fire in only 15 minutes thus limiting damage mostly to the HAL and the hard-gold-line production lines. Fortunately, the building itself suffered only minor damage.

Eurocircuits Returns to Normal

Today, most traces of the fire have been erased, leaving mainly a bad memory. Only the HAL and hard-gold departments are still down while Eurocircuits is waiting for the replacement machines to arrive. Orders requiring these processes are being subcontracted and therefore face an additional production delay of two days.

Watch a video from Eurocircuits in which Dirk Stans and Luc Smets share details of the experience. 

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