Eurocircuits does it again! They're reducing their standard delivery term to 5 days (from 7 days) for their STANDARD, IMS and RF pool services.
Eurocircuits’ customers therefore receive a tremendous impact on time but also cost savings as 5 days now come at the price of 7 days. In addition, all deliveries less than 5 days have been reduced in price as well.
This impacts about 85% of all pooling orders, meeting the demands for faster delivery at lower cost for Prototypes and Small Series PCB’s.

For their PCB proto service, they have also reduced the standard delivery to 3 working days, reducing the cost by almost 50%. 
This all started in January 2019 when Eurocircuits noticed a trend towards faster delivery terms, which usually results in a higher price. 
Eurocircuits are continuously striving to optimise the manufacturing process and they invested wisely in equipment and automated processes, thus enabling them to reduce their standard delivery terms.
Another recent introduction is their 3+3 Service. Here you can order your Prototype PCB’s to be manufactured in 3 days and assembled in 3 days, something quite unique and an amazing solution for any electronics engineer eager to start testing their designs.

Eurocircuits introduced their Prototype Assembly service in late 2017 and its growth is outstanding, so much so that they have brought forward investment plans for additional assembly lines and people to accommodate the increase in demand.

Eurocircuits is accessible 24/7 at