EBM Edition 2 / 2017 for April & May covers Power Supplies, Batteries and Energy, three areas in which startup companies should see a lot of potential to bring their products to market. It can be done! One such startup, MOWEA, won 75,000 euros worth of marketing budget during the Fast Forward Awards competition staged by Elektor and electronica Munich last year. Their product, the Modular Wind Energy Appliance, is discussed in EBM in terms of its market potential, and the creators answer relevant questions in a short interview.

In EBM 2/2017 the industry-supplied articles originate from ROHM, Mouser/Intel, Keysight, Analog Devices, Cymbet, Schurter AG, Linear Technology, Intersil/Renesas, National Instruments, Saft, and Varta. All articles present deep engineering content to anyone with an interest in the design and optimum use of electrical energy sources ranging from Li-Ion batteries to megawatt generators.

As of edition 1/2017, EBM also has a number of regular columns like Infographics, Talking Heads, and JumpStart. On the JumpStart pages in this edition, Eaton USA writes strong advice to companies (startup or established!) to get their act together on pre-crisis planning, especially for power interruptions due to whatever cause you may imagine including flooding, high winds and attacks.
EBM 2 / 2017 Article Titles
  • Op Amp Input Overvoltage Protection: Clamping versus Integrated
  • Design Advantages of Solid State Batteries versus Supercapacitors
  • Battery Management System Tutorial
  • Finding and Fixing Power Supply Noise Issues when Charging Cells
  • Maximizing Cell Monitoring Accuracy and Data Integrity in Energy Storage Battery Management Systems
  • Modular Wind Energy Appliance
  • Test Bench with Highly Dynamic Load System for Testing Brushless DC Motors
  • The Intel Quark Microcontroller
  • Advanced AC/DC Converter Design with Latest Control IC Technology
  • Li-ion Energy Storage Takes Microgrids to the Next Level
  • To ‘e’ on the Safe Side
  • How Battery Manufacturers are Answering the Safety Questions about Large Lithium Battery Packs
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