• Original publication: Elektor Magazine 4/2018 on page 12
  • Authors: Luc Lemmens Mathias Claussen
  • Free download expires: Friday 14 February 2020.
  • Original article production number: 160372
  • Software, Bare PCB, Semi-kit available; see PRODUCTS below. Semi-kit available at a discounted price.

Note: Since its publication of the project in 2018, components, software elements, webpages and other elements mentioned in the article may be subject to updating to the present day.


Power outages are fairly rare in central Europe, and when they do occur, they are usually short. However, if the heating system of your holiday home doesn’t start up again after a power outage, the consequences can be costly. And even if only your freezer at home stops working while you’re on holiday, the stench when you get back can spoil your homecoming. The detector described here detects even short power outages and sends you text message alerts. Note: For 115-VAC operation replace R9 by a wire strap.

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