This is a story that fits into the category ‘when it comes to electronics, just about anything is possible’. If you’ve ever wondered whether it would be possible to build a super capacitor on a work bench at home and also happen to be a dog lover then the good news is you are already halfway there when it comes to the necessary raw materials.  

Normally the dog hair build up on soft furnishings is seen as one of the least attractive features of sharing your space with man's best friend. Now, after vacuuming instead of just empting the contents into the trash you can recycle the collected dog hairs together with lint from the dryer filter to build an electronic component!

The video shows how hairs from the species lupus familiaris exposed to high temperature and with the addition of a few commonplace chemicals will produce a lightweight carbon material with a large surface area; perfect for building a supercapacitor!  It is suprisingly easy to make and the device produced in the video has a capacity of almost 0.6 Farad! Check out this Website for more background on the project.