PCBWay is serious about quality assurance and uses materials from well-known brands while having quality control during every step of PCB fabrication and assembly.
PCBWay ensures high quality

1. Certifications

Having a company certified by an independent body is a good start to get a potential partner being reviewed. PCBWay is ISO 9001:2015 and UL certified. This shows that the way things are managed is recognized as being of high quality and with a special focus on customers. Special markets may need other variants for quality certifications.

More details about PCBWay certifications can be found on the following link.

2. File Checking

Once files are submitted, the PCBWay engineers will take several minutes to check your files to ensure everything is OK for production. For high-priority orders, it is always good to see things moving. PCBWay’s customers have the ability to check the production status every step of the way. Fully visibility is provided by logging in at PCBWay.com and checking your order status. For assembled PCBs, PCBWay will also send you the sample photos to preview and confirm.

3. Quality Control

Human eyes can be the root cause for failures. This is why the quality check is supported with:
▪ Flying Probe Tester
▪ X-Ray Inspection Machine
▪ Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine

This enables PCBWay to see where human eyes cannot. The AOI is among the last steps for the PCB assembly. It enables multiple simultaneous tests at high speed, maintaining high-quality repeatability.

4. Return and Refund

High quality is not always about getting “0 failures.” It is also about how you handle the cases when a failure occurs. PCBWay’s “Return and Refund” process is there to make sure that the exceptions can be handled by refunding, reworking, or re-fabricating the board. The aim is to ensure a true “0 failure” rate.

PCBWay offers a full range of Printed Circuit Board capabilities to fit all of your PCB needs!
PCBWay ensures high quality