Looking for a quick update on electronics industry news? We have you covered with info about Intel’s planned investment in the EU, WEEF 2022, and the upcoming robot revolution. Take a look.

Intel Investing in the EU

We recently reported about Intel’s US chipmaking endeavors. Now we turn to Europe. Intel recently announced new plans to invest up to 80 billion euros in the European Union over the next decade for semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. The first stage of the plan, Intel explained, will involve a 17 billion euro investment in a Germany-based fab, a design hub in France, and manufacturing services in countries such as Ireland and Italy. "With this landmark investment, Intel plans to bring its most advanced technology to Europe, creating a next-generation European chip ecosystem and addressing the need for a more balanced and resilient supply chain," the company explained. This is good news for EU-based engineers, researchers, and high-tech workers. "The EU Chips Act will empower private companies and governments to work together to drastically advance Europe’s position in the semiconductor sector," noted Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.
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Semiconductors and Electronics Help Lead Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digitization will prove to be an important focus for engineers and executives alike in 2022, and the semiconductor sector is leading the digital transformation in manufacturing around the world. That’s important news for Elektor readers and the companies with whom we work. According to a new World Economic Forum report, semiconductors is the top digitally mature sector in 2022, followed by electronics and pharmaceuticals. "Despite their frontrunning positions, these top three industries are not shielded from present-day challenges like the ongoing value-chain disruptions, global chip shortage and industrial decarbonization," the World Economic Forum reports. "These developments will reshape the global manufacturing landscape and companies from these leading sectors – as long-standing pioneers of innovation and adopters of new concepts and technologies – must confront these topics proactively to redefine them into opportunities for all."

Ready for a Robot Revolution?

AI, AR, VR, IoT, are all hot topics. But don’t forget about robotics! According to recent ABiresearch report, shipments of collaborative robots, which assist with fulfillment in warehouses, is predicted to grow by a whopping 37% by 2026. “Collaborative robots have the ability to carry out multiple tasks with maximum precision, whereas typical warehouse robots only perform one task at a time,” the firms analyst writes. “They are also able to perform better with every iteration through machine learning and are more mobile and lightweight than conventional robots.” The same report also indicates that “autonomous mobile robot shipments for last mile delivery will increase from 7,000 in 2021 to 309,000 in 2030.” This data indicates interesting opportunities to roboticists and robotics-focused startups in the coming few years.

World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF 2022)

In November of 2021, Elektor launched the ‘’pioneer edition’’ of the World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF) in Munich, Germany. The event inspired global innovators in electronics with an open discussion about ethics and sustainable development goals (SDGs). In addition to Elektor engineers and editors, the list of speakers included Dr. Stefan Heinemann (Professor of Business Ethics at the FOM University of Applied Sciences), Dr. Paula Palade (PhD, Jaguar Land Rover), Margot Cooijmans (Director, Philips Foundation), and serval other thought leaders. Visit the WEEF webpage to watch some of the event and to stay informed about the plans for WEEF 2022, which will take place in November of this year.

Elektor @ Embedded World 2022

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