LEM has introduced a new series of small integrated-circuit transducers for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 100 kHz. These new parts offer complete isolation despite their tiny dimensions. They have an integrated primary conductor for nominal current measurements up to 20 A and with a measuring range of 2.5 times the nominal current. In addition they can handle large current surges up to 200 A for a short time (1 ms).
The transducers from the new GHS-series in their SO8 packages are mounted directly on the printed circuit board. This saves on manufacturing costs and also results in an attractive reduction in the space required for a current sensor in those applications that are challenged for size. The series is also easy to use because the primary conductor with a low resistance is integrated in the ASIC for direct current measurement and a consistent isolation performance, because the high creepage and clearance distances are maintained. All versions supply a proportional analog output voltage with different sensitivity levels from 40 to 80 mV/A with a nominal response time of 5 µs.
GHS transducers
are not simple open-loop, Hall-effect, ASIC-based transuders; the series is designed with a unique primary integrated conductor for gradient measurements, which results in an excellent rejection of the external fields that are common in power electronics applications.
ore information: www.lem.com/hq/en/content/view/609/126.