The MAX78000 FTHR from Maxim Integrated is a small board based on the MAX78000 microcontroller. This MCU is targeted at artificial intelligence (AI) applications running at the edge. In this context ‘edge’ means ‘there where it is needed’, close to a sensor or microphone or so, instead of somewhere far away in the cloud. The edge is for instance in your home or in your car or even in something you wear.

Keyword Spotting With the MAX78000 Made Useful

In this video we change the keyword spotting (KWS) demo so that the board can be used to control something with voice commands without going through the tedious process of AI training. Saying 'On'/'Off' will toggle a pin, a serial port outputs every recognized keyword as plain text in JSON format, and another GPIO port pulses one to ten times for the numbers '1' to '9' and '0' (as '10'). This makes the board way more useful!


Project files
Maxim at GitHub
Bricked your MAX78000?