Elektor Business Magazine (EBM) offers innovators, electronics engineers and startup companies, essential information and insights into the latest products, research and intelligence from the industry. EBM Edition 3 / 2017 for June & July has a focus on the wide and hot fields of Sensors & Measurement.  No matter If you are an innovator, a start-up company, or a spinout -- or just thinking of becoming one -- Sensors and Measurement is your trigger and the areas hold a promise of a good market for your products or services.

In good tradition EBM includes regulars like Jumpstart (in this instalment: four benefits of using a gateway in your IoT design), Talking Heads and Infographics. Among the industry-supplied articles are established names like Epson Europe Electronics GmbH, Sharp Devices Europe GmbH, Texas Instruments, SICK, Inc., Unitronic, and Pico Technology, all contributing to your knowledge base.

In this edition:

Fluid-based Capacitive Tilt Sensor Measures over 360° with High Precision
Inclination sensors measure the orientation angle of an object in relation to the environmental gravitational field. They are used in many applications including construction machinery, wind turbines, solar tracking and machine levelling systems. They are also used for automotive applications and medical equipment as well as in the consumer market.

imc CANSAS-IHR Current Measuring Modules
Anyone who measures currents that are determined by power management, sleep modes and the transitions between modes of operation is faced with extreme dynamics that take conventional measurement technology to its limits. Auto-ranging offers new possibilities, but also new challenges.

High-Speed Design for Embedded System PCBs
The requirement for high-speed design has brought about a number of design challenges never associated with low-speed devices. The ever increasing clock speeds have transformed digital switching circuits into RF generators, which is critical and not easy for the PCB layout task. The good news: the limited functionality required from embedded systems permits these to be designed for much more efficient performance.

Ultra-Low Power MCU Design
The total energy consumption values of new products will be an increasingly important factor when classifying and advertising products either as “environmental-friendly” or “old fashioned”. Also, from a commercial point of view, “lower-power consumption products” are rumoured to have a higher selling value compared to others.

Sweet Dreams — Blood Sugar Testing Devices and Memory in Pixel Displays
The global market for glucose monitoring devices is set to expand rapidly. Glucose meters are the standard, with constant glucose monitoring (CGM) systems entering the market in greater numbers. Memory in Pixel display technology offers device manufacturers a way to stand out from the pack.

Functional Safety & Cyber Security
The increasingly sophisticated use ofautomation (with machinery, industrial processes, chemical industry, power generation / distribution and vehicular applications) has led to the rise of increasingly complex control and protection systems in recent years. The individual elements and system components are now more commonly networked and communicate with external systems outside the immediate application environment. This creates potential security threats to the system and makes it vulnerable to external attacks.

8 Most Common Level Sensing Methods: a Guide for Reliable & Cost-effective Applications
Level sensors have been a part of manufacturing processes for several decades, in industries as diverse as food and beverage, semiconductors, and pharmaceutical. However, equipment manufacturers and users may be surprised at both the breadth and sophistication of level sensing alternatives currently available.

ByteSnap’s Software Design Tips
Bytesnap Design’s embedded systems engineers have been looking at some of the most useful free electronics design tools available today. If you are looking to predict PCB characteristics, manipulate screens or some other embedded systems task — check out their handy list.

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