Since the establishment, PCBWay has always been committed to technological innovation, constantly exploring new methods, new technologies, and new processes in the industry, which has accelerated the company's development and also promoted the healthy development of the industry.

1.  Achievements and honors
There are more than 60 patents of design inventions, utility models and software copyrights, including 13 invention patents, 12 utility model patents, and 25 soft copyrights.
PCBWay is the first to introduce CRM management system in China and international markets. It incorporates R & D and manufacturing into software management.
Customers can search IOT services including product customization, design communication, and production progress inspection through the website and mobile terminal.
Due to PCBWay's investment in technological innovation, it was approved as a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise in 2018.
2. Advantages and innovation

a) Excellent design team and ability
Design and R &D capabilities are the foundation of an innovative enterprise. In order to strengthen its own design capabilities, PCBWay hired a team of product design engineers with rich experience in the fields of high speed, high frequency, high power, analog, digital-analog hybrid, HDI, etc.

At the same time, in order to further serve customers, PCBWay has also established a strong software service team in Shenzhen and partnered with the R&D companies from different countries. With strong technical talent resource, PCBWay realized the design and development of more than 2,000 products per year on the platform.

b) Fast delivery capability
Traditional PCB design companies, a product design integration process often takes about 30 days. However, PCBWay takes 7-10 days.  
Traditional manufacturing companies, a product landing abroad requires at least 20 days.
 North China And East China needs a delivery time of 10-15 days. PCBWay only needs 4-5 days, some expedited products can be delivered as soon as 24 hours.

c) Technical support and process innovation
The company has invested in the introduction of advanced modern production and testing equipment, software from the United States, Japan, Germany and other places.

Now there are 11 Yamaha Mounter machines, 3 high-performance 8-temperature reflow soldering, automatic printing machines, semi-automatic tin dipping machines, wave peak Welding, X-RAY inspection and other equipment.

Reflow soldering                                       Laser detection

Automatic solder paste equipment      Automatic Mounter

PCBWay is also advancing with the times in technological innovation, adding single-sided aluminum substrate, copper substrate, impedance control, HDI blind buried hole, Rogers Rogers, FPC, rigid-flex combination, thick copper plate, multi-layer special stack structure, electroplated nickel-gold / gold finger, special-shaped holes, and deep groove control, and son on. Totally 12 services can meet customers' various PCB prototyping needs.

PCBWay Team

d) Powerful one-stop service
In the past R & D and manufacturing processes, the landing of a product often required hardware design, PCB manufacturing, material procurement, stencil forming, SMT assembly and others, which means that customers need to seek the cooperation and coordination of several suppliers. However, PCBWay not only provides customers with one-stop service, but also makes customers 'products trackable. While the quality of customers' products is guaranteed, the design and manufacture of products can be tracked through the PCBWay CRM system in a timely manner.