New in the Electronics Design Library is Volume 2 of FOCUS ON: Bob Pease on Analog. With very few exceptions Bob Pease is remembered fondly all over the globe for his analog design expertise as well as his sense of humor. Our esteemed competitors Electronics Design (magazine) shared and spread his wit and knowledge with the electronics community for years with his special column “Pease Porridge.”

Earlier this year Electronics Design released Vol. 1 in a series of two eBooks to commemorate this legendary engineer. Volume 2 of the special collection of articles written by Bob is now ready for download. Not sure if Bob, a notorious PC hater, would have appreciated the e-book format but we have to move with the times.
In Volume 2 Bob discusses:
  • Battery power
  • Battery charge
  • Ripple rejection and "soakage"
  • Best amplifiers
  • Bridge amplifiers
  • Thoughts on energy
Fear not, Embedded Generation! This is not dark matter or analog hocus pocus on CMRR or the concept of nV/√Hz. Simply complete the form here.