"We fully understand the complex challenges faced by cash register manufacturers to provide legally compliant cash register systems and we follow the strict certification requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The Swissbit TSE is 'pluggable' and therefore offers a unique flexible and easy-to-integrate fiscal solution. Development and production are done in-house and can be completely controlled and flexibly adapted to our customers' requirements," said Hubertus Grobbel, Head of Security Products at Swissbit AG. "During the development, we closely aligned ourselves with the entire cash register eco system. Our customers are busy integrating the Swissbit TSE to allow them to offer a legally compliant fiscal solution on time."

Field-tested fiscal solution already used throughout the European Union

Swissbit is an established specialist with over 20 years’ experience in demanding industrial-grade storage and security solutions. In addition, Swissbit is well known for its high quality and security standards. The company maintains its own development and manufacturing site for memory products in Berlin, Germany and is therefore also able to offer a flexible and demand-oriented service for customized products. For over three years, Swissbit has been providing proven fiscal solutions in fiscal countries such as France and others.

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