It’s amazing and saddening to hear so many people claiming to be experts on Wi-Fi when all they know is .. programming. To them the fundamentals of SHF radio are forever in the realms of black magic. Now, Pasternack's PEM11000-KIT and PEM11002-KIT radar demonstration kits allow classroom instruction and R&D for the study of fundamental radar principles. The kits cover the popular 2.4-GHz industrial, scientific, and medical band with no special licensing required.

Experimental radar operating modes can be selected for CW, FMSW, or Doppler. Output waveforms can be set for Single Tone, Frequency Ramp, or Sawtooth.

This unique kit contains all digital and RF hardware that features a radar board that includes an integrated speaker and signal indicator to support both audio and visual feedback of received signal strength. A tuneable signal filter is also included to allow for design and implementation of customized passive or active filtering.

Programmers! Your radar demonstration unit is command-controlled via a downloadable graphical user interface for Windows-based computers using the VISA (hey?) protocol. Newbies! The connection is made using a simple USB or Bluetooth connection.

The PEM11002-KIT model comes complete with a radar board, antennas, cables, and accessories that include a mounting plate, tripod, and USB battery pack. The kit includes a detailed user guide and programming manual as well as a lesson guide.