Reliability of Elektor Labs products

December 13, 2017 | 08:00
Elektor products aren't kits like the others. Elektor circuits are sometimes quite complex. They are designed in such a way that their assembly poses as few problems as can reasonably be expected. If the kits developed by Elektor aren't particularly difficult to build, it is precisely because they are designed from A to Z to be replicated at home by many readers with equally many different levels and skills in electronics.

Two major assets

Every kit is therefore associated with an article published in Elektor Magazine. The article is generally available for downloading, providing a description how the project works in detail. If applicable, any executable software is supplied also, as are source code files and programmed ICs.
The long experience of Elektor Labs combined with the thoroughness of the editors in publishing technical articles are the two major assets of these kits.
In addition, kit assembly is increasingly supported by a video.

This week we have two new videos about kits that illustrate the quality and reproducibility of Elektor Labs products: first the Spiral Micro Tesla ...

... and second the TAPIR, our ultrasensitive wideband magnetic/electromagnetic field detector:
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