SiC Power FETs Achieve Ultra-low Rds(on)

December 16, 2019 | 21:43
The UF3C/SC series of SiC FETs. Image: UnitedSiC.
The UF3C/SC series of SiC FETs. Image: UnitedSiC.
With an RDS(on) of just 7 mΩ, the new SiC-FETs from UnitedSiC are designed for high performance switching in high power applications  such as motor control in the automotive sector or for DC/DC converters and vehicle chargers .
The UF3C/SC SiC FET series offer an RDS(on) of <7 mΩ at a nominal voltage of 650 V. Other variants have an RDS(on) of 9 and 16 mΩ at a nominal voltage of 1.2 kV. All FETs are available in a TO247 package. The most important aspects of any power switching FET are its on-resistance, switching losses and, of course — price.

The SiC-FET configuration

The new SiC-FETs result from a combination of a third generation SiC JFET with a cascade-optimized silicon MOSFET. This configuration improves the switching behavior and increases the efficiency in switching applications. The gate characteristics of the SiC-FETs are also compatible with devices such as Si-IGBTs, Si-MOSFETs and SiC-MOSFETs.

Key characteristics:

Vmax 650 V
Imax 120 A
RDS(on) 6.7 mΩ

Vmax 1200 V
Imax 120A
RDS(on) 8.6 mΩ

UF3SC120016K3S (3 pins)
UF3SC120016K4S (4 pins)
Vmax 1200 V
Imax 77 A
RDS(on) 16mΩ

To optimize high temperature operation all four variants use silver sintering to provide low thermal-resistance mounting for the TO247 package.
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