The low-cost I3 Series SoC announced by Ineda Systems Inc achieves a minuscule 29 µA/MHz power consumption in active mode. The target applications for I3 Series are fitness bands, smart sensors, thermostat and medical applications where low power is a key requirement. Using its ultra low power always-on sensing functionality, the new SoC achieves more than 30 days of battery-life on a 300-mAH battery.

A complete software development kit (SDK) is available for the I3 both for wearable and IoT applications.

Key Features of the I3 Series SoC include two high-performance MIPS cores operating at maximum of 240 MHz and 80 MHz respectively delivering up to 500 DMIPS, and FPU and DSP support; 29 µA/MHz active mode, and sub 30 µA in always-on sensing mode; and 1.1 MB of embedded SRAM.

The free software package included at no additional cost includes Nucleus RTOS, middleware, network stacks, and security libraries.

Pricing of the I3 SoC is announced by Ineda Systems as $3.50 each for order quantities of 10 Kunits.