Use it like mouse, presenter or touchpad: your gestures and voice become commands for PC, Robots and more

Tactigon SKIN 2.0 is a wearable mouse that you can use both for work and for play. It’s not only a mouse, it’s something that goes beyond the idea of a mouse, towards a more natural and more easy interaction between man and machine.
Tactigon SKIN wearable mouse

Tactigon SKIN is going to change the way you interface.

Tactigon SKIN in fact solves the not-natural action of the traditional device during interactions with machines. For example, a mouse typically controls the motion of a pointer in two dimensions  (not natural) in a graphical user interface (GUI).

Tactigon SKIN breaks all this by offering the possibility to work directly in a 3D environment (through gestures) and use voice to take control of PC and interact with presentations, for example (very natural).  If you pair the Tactigon Skin with a second device, you can create complex gestures that the Artificial Intelligence algorithm can recognize.
Tactigon is a product line since 2017, starting with Tactigon ONE, IoT motion sensor, then Tactigon Skin in 2018 (version 1) as a gesture controller and now also Tactigon T-GR (read Tiger) motion software, able to recognize 16 gestures with high accuracy. As we ventured into the 2.0 of the design, we have had the support of Comau/FCAOrangeVelleman for Makers, and the Universities of Kaiserslautern, Germany and Milan, Italy.

The main features of Tactigon SKIN 2.0:

• Wearable (on the hand)
• Tunes gestures and voice into commands
• Time saving device – workflow boost
• Patented Design
• Free/natural fingers movements
• Control for 3D CAD Software and Presentation
• Scalable to Robotic, Computer,  Games controller and more 
Imagine what you can control, and what one day you might be able to control with this device! Sign up to grab yours for only $69, by heading here and entering in your email address.