All major car manufacturers are now providing the Qi-standard in their newest models. According to Aircharge, the benefits for drivers in comparison to traditional charging solutions are remarkable in terms of increased convenience and safety while driving:
  • simply place your phone in the charging dock to start charging;
  • your phone will always be charged throughout your drive and ready to use at the end of your journey;
  • no need to mess around with cables while driving. Safety first!

Companies from BMW and Mercedes to Volkswagen and Hyundai are using Qi wireless technology to enhance connectivity with features such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With these features the phone can be operated in a number of ways, including via a dashboard screen, steering wheel controllers, voice commands or gestures, as soon as you sit in the car. Where heavy usage of apps, navigation and music may have previously resulted in a drained battery at the end of the drive, the addition of wireless charging solves this issue by keeping the device fully powered whilst in operation.

Each car manufacturer uses their own charging solution, all Qi-compatible, which come in the form of a dock, tray or pocket usually located in the centre console or under the armrest, depending on the model. Some of these solutions are adjustable and allow space for any smartphone to be charged, including large phablets like iPhone Plus or Samsung Galaxy + models, whilst others offer less space.

In a bid to untangle a complex product scene (and heavily promote their  own chargers) Aircharge have released their Guide To In-Car Wireless Charging. Do not read while driving!