Very efficient at-home charger for electric cars

February 13, 2016 | 02:22
Very efficient at-home charger for electric cars
Very efficient at-home charger for electric cars
Vehicle electronics specialist Hella has, in cooperation with gallium-nitride power transistor manufacturer GaN Systems and researchers from Kettering Univerity in Flint, Michigan, USA, developed a level-2 charger for electric vehicles, which reaches an efficiency of no less than 97%. To achieve this, GS66516T GaN transistors from GaN Systems have been used, which can handle a current of 60 A at a voltage of 650 V. The power-density of the circuit breaks a new record: 2.6 kW/l.
The level-2 charger is intended for home use and operates from the standard 230VAC line. The high efficiency ensures that the power loss during charging remains quite small, which is an important factor when considering how much energy is required for charging.

More information:
- Data GS66516T
- Level-2 charging
- Kettering University
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Preliminary Datasheet
GS66516T Top-side cooled 650 V E-mode GaN transistor Preliminary Datasheet
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