The Norwegian company has been making waves by signing new global customers and installing their revolutionary robots across industries. They are now taking the stage at Automatica 2023, aiming to transform industries around the globe.

In a world where automation is becoming increasingly vital, has emerged as a driving force in revolutionizing the material handling and automation industry. Over the years, this innovative company has progressed from a simple click-out wheel to a sophisticated autonomous solution, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and navigate the challenges of a volatile market.'s rapid growth is reshaping the industry, as its technology impacts global manufacturing giants and prompts a paradigm shift in the industry.

The Wheel that Turned Autonomous

The journey of began with a humble click-out wheel, a concept that quickly evolved and grew smarter over time. The company's unwavering commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries has resulted in the development of a groundbreaking autonomous system. This technological leap has paved the way for transforming the material handling landscape, and empowering businesses with greater efficiency and productivity.
One of the defining features of is its ability to tailor to the needs of global manufacturers, logistics companies, healthcare providers as well as other industries reliant on moving material. In the midst of a strong push to innovate and a highly volatile job market, these manufacturers have realized the value of automating. has successfully partnered with several global manufacturers, addressing their pressing need for high volumes of robots that can enhance productivity, reduce work-related injuries, and mitigate risks associated with workforce availability.

Accelerating Automation Across Industries

The challenges faced by these manufacturers are multi-faceted. Some companies report a daily no-show rate as high as 20%, causing disruptions in operations and impeding overall productivity. In contrast to rigid robotics solutions that require significant infrastructural changes, offers unparalleled flexibility. Their autonomous wheels can be seamlessly integrated not only in greenfield facilities but also in existing brownfield facilities. This versatility enables companies to enhance their automation efforts without compromising their existing infrastructure, leading to a smoother transition towards a more automated future.
Although the Norwegian company has been strongly focusing on the US market in the last year and taking strong leaps in the market there, they are now further expanding their reach in Europe with establishing an office in Berlin. This strategic move allows the company to tap into Germany's vibrant technology scene and forge partnerships with manufacturers and other companies struggling to automate.
With the Automatica 2023 trade show just around the corner, is gearing up to showcase its revolutionary autonomous wheels. This prestigious event serves as the perfect platform for the company to demonstrate the tangible impact of their technology on the automation industry. Attendees can expect to witness firsthand the seamless integration of's autonomous wheels, along with the myriad benefits they bring to businesses across diverse sectors.
Meet between June 27-30th in Space B4, Stand 326 at Automatica 2023 in Munich. team at Hannover Messe team at Hannover Messe