For PCBs up to 4 layers and within the standard technological requirements and when the delivery time may be 4 weeks, Eurocircuits offers the BINDI pool service ‘BINDI’ comes from the red spot on the forehead of Hindu women, this is called a ‘bindi’; bindi therefore indicates the production location: India. Where there has been a new Eurocircuits factory since 2014.
This financially attractive alternative to the STANDARD pool is intended for manufacturing runs of up to 12 m2 (about 1500 circuit boards of 100 by 80 mm). As a consequence, the average BINDI pool order is about twice the size of the typical Eurocircuits order. In 2016 more than 1100 Eurocircuits customers have had more than 4000 orders manufactured there.

By moving the production (for the most part, more about that later) to India and handling the quality control in their own technical center in Hungary, Eurocircuits guarantees very competitive prices with the same quality that we are used to for their other services and – let’s not forget – no hassle with import duties, high shipping costs or customs (for deliveries within Europe).
The calculation for the BINDI pool prices is done in the same manner as for all the other PCB production services: via the Smart menus on the website. With this well-organized system we can configure the production options of our circuit board, such as gold plating and silk screen overlay colors, and we can see even before production commences whether the end result will be to our satisfaction.
Via the Smart menu we can also immediately see whether an option we selected is included in the pooling service. The system indicates with a gold-colored coin an option that increases the price, so that we can very easily see where we might be able to save some money. With medium sized production quantities, a small difference per circuit board has a significant influence on the total order cost, so this feature is very welcome. And the standard price matrix shows us alternative prices for other quantities and (potentially) another service type.
And if, in the unlikely event, we are not able to figure it out, we can always contact the technical support team directly using the chat window at bottom right. If we do this during normal office hours we are guaranteed a prompt response.

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