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Welcome at Elektor Labs! Here you can add your own project to share within our community. You may receive input from your peers when you need help or feedback. Also, the Elektor Labs professionals are also closely watching this section of our website to help out or on occasion select projects that could even be published in our magazine.
CONTEST PARTICIPANTS: Please use this form to submit entries to design contests managed by Elektor, such as the STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest (2023-2024). To do so, please fill in the fields and provide project files (photos, schematics, code, documentation, etc). Make sure the appropriate contest is selected in the “Contest” drop-down list below

Please add a short 'elevator pitch' for the project. Note: the teaser must be in English language in order for the project to be accepted.

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Please add the full description for the project. Important: the text must be in English language in order for the project to be accepted.

Jumpstarter in progress

Elektor Jumpstarter allows testing the viability of a project before producing it and putting it as a product in the Elektor Store.

If you want to try it, mark it here as Elektor Jumpstarter. The project will then be evaluated by Elektor. If it is accepted, we will determine a price and a minimum amount that must be sold for the project to be viable, and a backing campaign will be launched. If the project attracts enough supporters, the project will move into production.

First time? Our staff approves every first project before publication.

Please upload your attachments (additional photos, schematics, PCB's, software, etc.) here. Allowed file types include PNG, JPG, GIF, ZIP, RAR, TAR and PDF. Maximum file size is 5 MB.
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