There has been rapidly increasing awareness of information security during the COVID-19 epidemic, and ransomware attacks have been rampant around the world in recent years. With this in mind, Apacer, a global leader in the manufacturing of industrial DRAM and SSDs, and Allxon have cooperated to develop an IoT smart device management technology. Allxon Device Management, based on the Allxon open cloud platform, now includes Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition. From Disaster Prevention to Disaster Recovery, it allows industrial customers to remotely monitor SSDs and also provides warning/alert services as well as backup and recovery for data and the OS. Applications such as smart retail and digital signage will definitely benefit from this system. While helping customers introduce SSD connectivity management services, it prevents cloud security threats ahead of time, and greatly reduces downtime as well as unnecessary manpower and maintenance costs.

“With the increasingly diversified development of connected devices and the continuous increase in the number of endpoints, Apacer’s participation has enabled existing smart device management services to play a positive role,” pointed out Allxon CEO Alex Liu. Customers can use the Allxon cloud platform for real-time monitoring of read/write status, P/E cycles, temperature and other health data of widely distributed SSDs. They can also observe an SSD’s remaining lifespan or available capacity, track any abnormal disconnections, and monitor changes to write protection settings. When an emergency occurs, the active warning function is set to immediately notify the manager to take necessary actions, limiting or preventing disasters.

This smart device management service also includes backup and recovery mechanisms for data and the OS, so that abnormally functioning remote devices can be rebooted and put back to work in the shortest time possible. This can end crash-related crises early and let the devices return to normal working conditions, thereby greatly reducing manpower and maintenance costs related to downtime. C. K. Chang, the president of Apacer, added that this cooperation makes the most of Allxon's expertise in the field of cloud information security, whether it concerns ransomware attacks, system crashes or lockdowns that affect goodwill, or the challenges inherent to security system integration due to the fragmentation of IoT technology. Information security service integration problems can be solved through the cloud platform jointly developed by Apacer and Allxon. More importantly, the CoreSnapshot technology developed by Apacer’s SSD firmware team can complete the ultra-fast backup procedure of the SSD and instantaneous restoration of the entire disk, eliminating the time-consuming waiting often associated with complex reboots. In addition to backup and recovery functions, Allxon smart device management services can also remotely control and isolate affected devices in real time to avoid the spread of disasters. The system logs are also retained to help managers clearly define problems and prevent disasters from happening again.

The open platform for smarter device management developed by Apacer and Allxon allows customers to manage multiple different brands, different operating systems, and many distributed IoT devices on a single platform at a time. Windows, Android, and Linux are all supported. And from now on, customers who purchase the Apacer SV25C series of industrial-grade SSD products – including standard specifications such as M.2, 2.5”, and MO-300 – can try the Allxon smart device management platform for free for three months and seamlessly experience IoT smart device management.

Collaboration Apacer + Allxon on Smart Device Management