Elektor PCB Service Essentials

November 7, 2018 | 06:04
Elektor PCB Service Essentials
Elektor PCB Service Essentials
That Elektor is involved in printed circuit boards (PCBs) would be obvious to anyone who knows us. As a service to our readers, nearly 10 years ago (in 2009), we established the Elektor PCB Service, in cooperation with Eurocircuits. Through this service we make PCB design affordable and user-friendly for anyone who needs PCBs in small and medium quantities. The service is not specifically intended for circuit boards that we designed ourselves, but for anyone who has designed a board themselves and requires a few PCBs for it. Additionally, through the so-called ‘Standard Pool’ and the ‘Bindi Pool’ it is possible to order medium production quantities of circuit boards at competitive prices. PCB design has never been easier.

PCB Design Made Simple

Let's take a look at why PCB design is simplified with this service. The following products and services are available:
  • PCB proto
  • NAKED proto
  • BINDI pool
  • SEMI-FLEX pool
  • RF Pool
  • Stencil
  • IMS Pool
This is quite a list of options. We will briefly go through each of them.  

PCB design simplified with PCB proto & NAKED proto service

PCB proto & NAKED proto

With the PCB proto service you tag along, for a reasonable price, with the usual production process and receive a professionally manufactured circuit board. Using the Price calculator you can see the cost immediately, which depends on the desired circuit board features and the delivery time. A 4-layer board is, of course, more expensive than a 2-layer one and the dimensions also play a significant role.

When you are still tinkering with the PCB and perhaps expect to cut and/or re-route traces by adding wires then the NAKED proto service is perhaps a better option. This is in fact a circuit board of the same quality as that from the PCB proto service, only the solder masks and silk screen layers are omitted. The number of layers is also limited to two, but you can have the circuit board in your hands within 2(!) days.

Standard Pool PCB Service


This service is intended for the mass production of PCBs and offers access to extensive manufacturing options through both pooling and non-pooling options (selected in the menu). The price matrix offers a convenient and quick overview if the various price breaks, but using the ‘Customized matrix’ you can also enter quantities yourself. Important tools are the online PCB Visualizer and the PCB Checker, with which you can check your design, before you place the order, and prevent expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

BINDI pool

Bindi Pool PCB Service For PCBs up to 4 layers with standard technology specifications and when a delivery time of 4 weeks is acceptable, you can choose the BINDI pool service. This financially attractive alternative to the STANDARD pool is intended for production quantities of up to 12 m². The production, for the most part, takes place in India, but the quality control is carried out in the same factory as where the STANDARD pool circuit boards are checked. With this, Eurocircuits guarantees the same quality as with the other services and it prevents the hassle with import duties and customs (for delivery within Europe).
Bindi Pool PCB Service
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