Elektor’s Christmas e-Tree is Programmable and on USB

November 17, 2014 | 13:25
Elektor’s Christmas e-Tree is Programmable and on USB
Elektor’s Christmas e-Tree is Programmable and on USB

The dark days before Christmas are approaching rapidly. Electronics hobbyists are always keen to make a festive gadget for the celebrations around this time of the year. Not something ready-built from a trinket or home improvement store, but a circuit that’s unique.

We have again designed an electronic Christmas Tree, this time in conjunction with PCB manufacturer Eurocircuits. You can build it yourself if you have the time and inclination, but we also offer the project as a ready-built unit through the Elektor web store for a very attractive price.

Our Christmas e-Tree boasts 62 bright blue LEDs on the front that, with their color alone, will already generate a pleasant Christmas atmosphere. The control electronics is on the back, mainly comprising a powerful microcontroller. The project has an extensive light show built in, which causes all kinds of patterns or texts to ‘run’ across the LEDs. A number of patterns have already been pre-programmed, but a great feature is that you can very easily design your own patterns and effects using your PC and then simply store them in the memory of the Christmas e-Tree via its USB connection.

Are you looking for some more unusual mood lightning for the home? Convince yourself! Download the Elektor magazine article free of charge here and learn more about the powerful microcontroller, the software and other relevant details of this amazing e-Tree.

The ready assembled Christmas e-Tree is temporarily available from the Elektor Store for just £25.95 / €29.50 / $40.00 (plus shipping). Elektor GREEN and GOLD members take advantage of a 10% discount.

Order your Christmas tree here

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