In addition to the manufacture and component assembly of PCBs, designers can now order the assembly of modules using any standard or individually customised enclosure using the same Eurocircuits online platform.

The new Eurocircuits Enclosure service offers designers and developers direct access to the extensive range of standard Bopla enclosures which can also be customised by Eurocircuits via their online ordering platform.
Helping designers save time - enclosure selector

Enclosures: Vertical integration for fast and efficient delivery

Available enclosures are: desktop, connector, DIN rail, general-purpose, portable, IoT enclosures and enclosures for the 19-inch rack from Bopla. Finding a suitable enclosure is made easy by using the online search where you can use predefined filters that include size, protection class (IP), material and colour. In addition, there are technical documents in various formats available to download to help you define the size and shape of the PCB, mount locations. On request, Eurocircuits will customise the enclosure with cut-outs and digitally print labels, logos, images and text in our own European factories.

Part Pre-Order: Critical components in house on time

Eurocircuits specialises in the fast and cost-effective production and assembly of PCBs. Fast means that around 88% of all received orders have a lead time of ≤5 working days. A major requirement of fast PCB assembly is that the component parts are available to start the production and to ensure this Eurocircuits recommends using its free Part-Pre-Order (PPO) service for critical components. Critical components are generally defined in the BOM list long before the PCB layout is ready. This allows them to be pre-ordered using our PPO service and thus avoiding potential delays. Once you launch a PPO, we start the ordering process. You can still add additional parts hover, ordered parts cannot be removed.
Helping designers save time - PPO

Fast and cost-effective: PCB production using to order pooling

Eurocircuits produces PCB prototypes and small series with standard technology in a range of low-cost pooling services: rigid, defined impedance, RF and IMS (ALU core) and semi-flex, all according to IPC A-600 Class II (industry standard). Our PCB Visualizer offers 980 predefined PCB builds and uses about 720 rules that validate the correct technical parameters have been chosen. In addition, a range of pre-set parameters help you choose the best combination regarding quantity, lead time and price.

DRC and DFM: Tools to ensure data is correct right first time for manufacture

During the data input Eurocircuits online Visualizer checks all the data to ensure is it complete and suitable for the manufacturing and assembly processes. The PCB Visualiser shows DRC (Design Rule Check) or DFM (Design for Manufacture) problems found when analysing the data. Intelligent tools allow for immediate correction of layout errors.

The PCBA Visualizer detects whether components physically match the PCB layout. The software supports correction of component rotation, assignment of polarity or the selection of alternative components.
The objective of using the Eurocircuits tools is to obtain an industrial-quality design that is right first time for manufacture. This reduces development time and facilitates the transition from prototypes to series production at suitable manufacturers. Production data can be freely downloaded from Eurocircuits after delivery.
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Digital view: virtual manufacturing before ordering

The Visualizer validates the PCB design, BOM and CPL data before production. It presents the results graphically to the designer/developer, hence the name Visualizer. It visualises the PCB data after production and the assembly with electronic components, a digital view of what comes later and no manufacturing starts without this virtual production. This simulation of manufacturing has huge benefits: It saves valuable time and helps to avoid redesigns and waste.

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The entire ordering and order processing, including that for enclosures, uses Eurocircuits Visualizer’s
online engineering platform and price calculator.