Linear Audio 6 Now Available from Elektor

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Linear Audio 6 Now Available from Elektor
Linear Audio 6 Now Available from Elektor

Linear Audio is back with its biannual bookazine dedicated to technical audio and perception. As usual, Linear Audio is crammed with insightful, creative, and thought-provoking content from various expert academics and professionals.


David Zan’s guest editorial in Linear Audio 6 sets the tone for an upcoming article he plans to write on advanced power amplifier concepts. One of this issue’s highlights is diehard Erno Borbely teaming up again with Sigurd Ruschkowski to design Proteus—a current input moving coil preamplifier. Courtesy of Linear Integrated Systems, this issue comes with a FREE pair of 2SK170BL and 2SJ74BL JFETs (as long as stocks last)!


For tutorials, we’ve got Bob Cordell explaining his perspective on advanced amplifier concepts in “TPC and TMC Feedback Compensation for Power Amplifiers,” while Hans Polak reconciles phono preamplifier specifications that often provide data that can’t be compared between units. Robert Munnig Schmidt is back with “Fine-tuning and Measurements of a Sensorless Motional Feedback Subwoofer.”  In the first article of a series, Ronald Quan provides a clear overview of noise issues in circuit design.


This issue of Linear Audio contains all the trimmings you’ve come to expect, including another rousing piece from columnist Stan Curtis who outlines pitfalls you can encounter when transforming a prototype into a real product. There is also a book review of Douglas Self’s sixth edition of Audio Power Amplifier Design.


Linear Audio 6 is now available from the Elektor webshop for just $30.60, with an additional 10% discount for Elektor GREEN & GOLD members!

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