With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the implementation of the company's self-developed CRM online order management system, PCBWay business is in the strategic transformation stage of artificial intelligence / big data, Internet of Things communication, and gradually realizing intelligent production control.

The company's positioning moved from the traditional "PCB prototyping and small batch board suppliers" to a more advanced "global intelligent hardware intelligent manufacturing platform". It is embodied in the following aspects:
1. Selection of high-quality raw materials, strict detection and protection of the first pass, including Shengyi / Rogers high frequency board, Shengyi / Lianmao high TG board, double-sided aluminum substrate, copper substrate and other special plates.
2. Customize the difficulty board that others will not make, such as HDI blind buried hole, special-shaped hole, depth control groove, BGA disc center hole, etc.

3. Provide more technological options to meet different customer needs. Such as OSP process, Immersion / Electro-gold process, nickel-palladium gold, special lamination, thick copper plate, etc.
4. Provide expedited service. There is no expedited fee for 24-hour shipment of ordinal craft. Expedited shipment can be done within 12 hours. The PCB prototyping is free shipping nationwide.
5. FR-4 for speeding up again, can be delivered in three days in small batches, of which four-layer boards can be expedited within 24 hours, and six-layer boards can be expedited within 24 hours and 48 hours (tin spraying process only).  
5% off for 5-10 square meters in batches, 10% off for 10 square meters above.
6. Provide one-stop PCBA services, including PCB board making, SMT patching, open steel mesh, material purchasing, layout design and other services.
7. For R & D and design, providing high-speed, high-frequency, high-power, analog, digital-analog hybrid, HDI, FPC and other design types, as well as solutions for PCB impedance calculation, stack design, QA inspection, process inspection, EMC inspection, etc.
8. Professional SMT patch processing and prototyping, one piece can be pasted, and bulk materials can be pasted. Each process is checked at each level. A professional DIP team can weld various special-shaped plug-in materials.
Over the past 7 years,  PCBs’ overall sales of PCBWay have increased by nearly 50 times, its production capacity and product quality exceed and lead many competitors. PCBWay serves more than 180 countries and regions, and has more than 3,000 cooperative customers.