Hongfa’s product range covers the entire spectrum of electromechanical relays – from signal relays, generalpurpose (or power) relays and automotive relays to bistable relays for smart meter applications and highvoltage DC relays for electric vehicles. The products can be used in all common applications in the industrial, factory and home automation, energy, security, and automotive sectors. The relays from the world’s leading manufacturer are known for their innovative design and high quality, and Hongfa also takes customer-specific requirements into account during development.

Both companies have made it their goal to achieve above-average growth relative to the market as a whole, and in doing so, significantly increase awareness of the Hongfa brand on the one hand and enhance Rutronik’s image as a relay distributor on the other. In doing so, both companies want to establish a broad customer base. 

Clear Benefits for Both Companies “By entering into this agreement with Rutronik, we are gaining a distribution partner that can serve our entire European market from its parent company in Germany. The goal of this strategic move is to better cater to customers’ various interests and further strengthen Hongfa’s market position,” says Bernhard Schmidt, Distribution Manager Europe, Hongfa Europe GmbH.

Martin Unsöld, Senior Manager Product Marketing Mechanics at Rutronik, explains: “Adding Hongfa, the world’s leading relay manufacturer, to our supplier network opens up new opportunities for us around these components. In addition, our franchise allows us to supply Hongfa’s entire range of relays to our distribution structure throughout Europe and further enhance our international marketing activities. We look forward to working together.”