5G is the communication standard of the future. Rutronik has already been supplying its customers with the first 5G modules since 2019. In the future, the distributor will work with the companies that are members of the 5G Alliance, which will allow it to offer more complex system solutions.

Around 15 years ago, Rutronik founded the Wireless Competence Center and has already been involved in the development of 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies, including narrowband IoT, M1, and in some cases competing technologies like LoRa and Sigfox. Through its collaboration with the 5G Alliance, the company will be able to significantly expand its services for customers in the future.

Bernd Hantsche, Director Product Marketing Embedded&Wireless at Rutronik, explains: “I am pleased that with the 5G Alliance, we now have a central point of contact for interested parties. This means that we can use the network of member companies to create more complex system solutions for our customers, which may even go beyond our existing range. Setting up a complete 5G campus network on large industrial sites is much more difficult than simply hanging wide-area Wi-Fi equipment in the corners of a building.”

5G Alliance: A Powerful Partnership

Markus Bau, Director Digital and Content Marketing at TEMA, founding company of the 5G Alliance, takes an equally positive view of the new partnership: “We are pleased to have Rutronik, a global distributor of electronic components, on board. The company’s range of 5G modules, antennas, SIM cards, the IoT device management platform, the new SmartData Analytics range, and its Embedded Computing portfolio allow interested companies to build 5G devices as well as components deployed on the infrastructure side.”