The range of demos that Rutronik will be presenting at embedded world (Hall 5, booth 467) from Tuesday, Febrary 25 to Thursday, February 27, 2020 in Nuremberg ranges from short-range technologies to IoT security and storage media.
In addition to demos from five product segments at eight counters and six showcases, Rutronik partner PBV-Kaufmann will present its blockchain-based smartphone payment application.
The following demos await visitors at the Rutronik booth:
  • Storage: Storage media from SD and microSD cards, CFast and DRAMs to SSDs, and HDDs from Apacer, Goodram, Swissbit, Toshiba and Transcend
  • Displays: TFT and touch solutions from Tianma, DLC, URT and OLEDs from Raystar, e-paper from Holitech, passive LCDs from Yeebo, and smart TFTs from 4D Systems
  • Wireless: The latest wireless technologies (Bluetooth LE Audio, WiFI 6E and WiFi 6E, Multi-GNSS, 0G and 5G cellular) from Garmin, Insight SiP, Nordic, Redpine Signals, and Telit. Visitors will also be able to play a demo of the classic video game Doom on a combination of BLE-SoC from Nordic Semiconductor with TFT from Tianma and PiezoListen speakers from TDK
  • Boards: Tinkerboards from ASUS, NUC Elements, and Lidar cameras from Intel as well as embedded boards Asus, DFI, F&S, and Kontron
  • Semiconductors: Different commodities as well as RPM and RPX modules from Recom
Exhibition Booth as an Event Truck
Rutronik is breaking new ground with its exhibition booth – the Rutronik event truck, which is also used at start-up fairs, road shows, and customer events, will be used at embedded world as the exhibition booth. The demos will be presented both in front of and inside the truck. The high-quality design of the truck’s interior invites visitors to linger and offers sufficient space for meetings.