Üo (no typo) is a self balancing scooter, with the core component not spinning wheels, or even one spinning wheel, but a “solid sphere of rubber that can support a rider's weight without deforming."

Üo was designed by a German electrical engineer from RWTH Aachen (!), Olaf Winkler, holding on to his idea to build a vehicle that rides on a ball and to all directions. Ever since that day, Olaf kept thinking about the best mechanism. As an electrical engineer, as well as an automotive electronics developer, he was sure he had the knowledge of building such a vehicle. Comfortably, most of the service and component providers were located in Germany.

Üo may be described as a 360° scooter that balances you — not the other way around. Winkler's goal was to build a personal transporter, designing it for smooth and safe ride. Technically, the vehicle has a 3-axis gyro and an acceleration sensor. The ball is kept under the rider's center of gravity. Because the ball can move in any direction, the Üo can ensure it always remains directly below the rider's center of gravity, making it hard to fall over."
Delving a bit furtheer into the design, this special machine riding on a ball actually moves on three motor-driven wheels and a ball. These wheels are made from laser cut steel.

Accelerating and braking are achieved if you lean forward or back. If you lean to either side, you can make your turns. It has a beginner's mode for easy familiarization. The top speed 12 km/h.

Development is finished. First deliveries are planned to be out this summer. The project will only be funded if it reaches the $42,451goal by May 13. You can check the campaign page for further details on version and package offers.

Source: Gizmodo /Techexplore