Sensirion, the Swiss high-tech company, is proud that the AgeTech company CARU AG, integrates the SCD30 CO2 sensor from Sensirion into its CO2 measuring device "CARU air". Thanks to the clear and precise measurement of the CO2 sensor, CARU air provides consumers the necessary security of knowing when it is time to open the window.
Ventilation is the new hand washing. Such or similar sentences can currently be read in various media. Virus control measures such as social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask have already arrived in society. Ventilation is the most recent addition to this list that has emerged in light of findings that ejected aerosols of Corona infected persons can contain intact virus particles.
The CO2 concentration is an important indicator of when and how much fresh air is needed in a closed room with many people (schools, meeting rooms, open-plan offices, co-working spaces, restaurants, fitness centers, hospitals, retirement and care centers, etc.). It has been shown that a lack of fresh air can quickly lead to an increased risk of infection with a virus since CO2 concentration is typically correlated with the amount of exhaled particles in a room.
Thanks to CARU air, ventilation is built into everyday life. The CO2 measuring device CARU air works like a traffic light, indicating when it is time to ventilate: at the earliest, yellow (1000 - 1399 ppm CO2) and at the latest, red (> 1400 ppm CO2). Since a few weeks, the first CARU air units have been installed in selected schools, offices, medical practices and retirement homes. The feedback: positive all around!
"Thanks to the sensor from Sensirion, we can ensure that CARU air determines CO2 concentrations accurately and reliably," says Susanne Dröscher, Co-CEO of CARU AG. "We are glad to have found in Sensirion a Swiss supplier that guarantees our high standards of quality and reliability. After all, ventilation should be integrated into everyday life in a playful way and become a team sport - for young and old".
"We are proud that CARU AG relies on our sensors", says Marco Gysel, Product Manager CO2 Sensors, Sensirion AG. "CARU air meets all requirements and indicates early on when a fresh air supply is needed in a room. Therefore, it optimally complements the protection concepts of different companies and institutions".
The first advance orders from large companies such as units of the ETH Zurich have already been received. CARU air can be conveniently ordered online at CARU air is soon to be available in other countries outside Switzerland.
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