Surface Mount Technology Unwrapped

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Surface Mount Technology Unwrapped
Surface Mount Technology Unwrapped

Would you like to learn how to use and solder Surface Mount Devices (SMD)? Then you should check out Elektor’s book Mastering Surface Mount Technology. The book offers a crash course in techniques, tips and know-how to successfully introduce surface mount technology in your workflow. Even if you are on a budget this book shows you how to jumpstart your designs with advanced fine pitch parts.


A crash course without practical work is only of so much use, which is why Elektor together with our longtime partner Eurocircuits offer a comprehensive kit of parts comprising SMT components, circuit boards and solder stencils to readers wishing to replicate some of the projects described in this excellent book. The high-quality ready-made PCBs for the three projects come in a single panel with score lines to facilitate removing the individual boards.


The Mastering Surface Mount Technology book (and the companion DIY kit) gets a raving review from Dave Jones on EEVBlog. Watch Dave’s #407 Mailbag video review -- from 24:00 he gets so ecstatic he does not even bother to open his other mail! The video shows you in detail what you will receive when you order the book and/or the kit.


Please note that you can also order the book from our partner Eurocircuits. If you want to buy the book and the kit of parts or PCBs in one shipment we advise to order your products at Eurocircuits so that you only pay shipping costs once.

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