Eurocircuits is a specialist in the manufacturing and assembly of Prototypes & Small Series PCBs, and follows the philosophy of Right First Time for Manufacture. To achieve this, Eurocircuits has developed a powerful design inspection and verification tool that’s offered for free to its customers as part of an optimised ordering process. Our process reduces manufacturing problems by allowing designers to validate their PCB data using Design Rule Checks (DRC) that are tailored to our manufacturing process, as well as validate their Bill of Materials (BOM) and Component Placement List (CPL) for assembly. Our unique approach to ordering PCBs and processing design data lets our customers shorten prototyping cycle times and get to series production faster.
By providing our users with an intuitive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and assembly tools we let them make sure that their design is complete; see critical points in the design; reduce and fix potential errors; choose alternate components; and, select just the right build-up out of over 900 that are available. Production costs are available throughout the process, dynamically changing with any change in production parameters.
Our entire ordering and verification process provides our users confidence that the PCB is Right First Time for Manufacture before placing the order!
Eurocircuits delivers PCBs prototypes & small series from 6 working day lead time, completely manufactured and assembled in its own factories.

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