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December 1, 2006 by Elektor Team

Unusual Christmas Presents

Do you still need help choosing gifts for others (or for yourself)? In this article we lend you a hand with a variegated selection of interesting, fun, handy, gadget-like or simply unusual gifts. It also includes several items that people with no special interest in electronics will enjoy.Hyperlinks: Time on the fly Mini drum set Floating football T-shirt with graphic analyser Solar-powered headphone radio Talking toilet paper holder Flexible keyboard Mini UFO Remote-controlled golf ball Illuminated toilet seat Colourful loudspeakers USB rocket launcher Shake those numbers! Hovering globe Roll-up keyboard USB slippers High-tech ballpoint pen Pleasant scents Heated gloves Overclock your brain Electronic Lederhose Water-powered calculator Cubite speaker and USB hub Blade Runner II indoor helicopter Binary clock USB Christmas tree Electronic notepad USB battery H Racer: a hydrogen-powered car Zap+ag