Elektor summer giveaway 2020

Elektor Summer Giveaway Winners 2020
During the summer of 2020, Elektor collaborated with a number of generous sponsors to bring the design community a variety of cool and useful electronics products. The Elektor Summer Giveaway was a great success. Congratulations to all the winners!

Below we list several of them, along with some feedback. We wish you all many great projects and good health. 
  • Tim Fischer, Germany

"I think it was a great contest with a lot of nice prizes. I am very happy with the prize. I am a hobbyist and electronic engineering student and I think that I will have a lot of fun with the Weller!" - Tim Fischer

  • Ed Mulder, Netherlands

"I'm very happy with de SmartScope because it is an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and wave generator in one. You can sync 2 SmartScopes for a 4-channel oscilloscope, which is something I want to try. It also enables me to program my own protocol en plug it into the SmartScope software, normally you are bound by a few prefab protocols. It is also possible to redesign the hardware via the FPGA, so everything can be suited to taste. In short, I'm very happy with my prize."

  • Maria Famà, Germany

"I think that the contest is a great idea. I'm happy about my prize and surprised that I won."

  • João Palrinhas, Portugal

"Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I have been thinking in opening a business in repairing eletronic stuff, and I thought to participate in this giveaway in a hope that I would win something that would kickstart me.
This contest was just awesome, and the prizes were all awesome as well. I had a hard time choosing between the welder station and the iFixit Toolkit, and ended up deciding the second one. I still wonder what if I choose the station, but I should just be thankful for winning the kit.
Thank you Elektor. =D "

  • Christopher Panzer, Austria
  • Marco Rouge, Switzerland 

"I'm so happy to hear that I won the giveaway! I can't wait to try these boards out and use them in different kind of projects! The implementation of gesture recognition in various applications seems endless. I already have some plans in mind! I really like the idea behind this contest. It encourages young students like me to be creative and discover their fascination with electronics."

  • Willem Wellinga, Netherlands

"What you expect the least makes life interesting. What a surprise; thank you very much! A very nice extension of my hobbylab. I was looking for a function generator and I recieve a 3-in-1 tool, very nice!" - Willem Welling

  • Jos Jacobs, Belgium

"This is a great prize and I am thankfull to receive it. My home will become smarter."

  • Julio Cesar Hernandez Sandoval, France
  • Marino Phocas, United Kingdom 

"I have been reading Elektor since I was at school and has been my favourite electronics magazine since then. It is full of inspiring ideas and news. Winning a prize from Elektor has been a wonderful surprise!" - Marino Phocas

We wish all the winners a lot of fun and many new projects with our giveaways. 

 From our friends at NextIND:
 2 x TACTIGON ONE boards
 1 x Kit composed of 3 TACTIGON ONE boards + 1 Raspberry board
 1 x TACTIGON SKIN developer kit (without robot)
Tactigon by NextIND
Gudeco Weller WT1010  Offered to us by Gudeco:

 2 x Weller WT 1010 Soldering station.                                                
 iFixit offers not one, but five pieces of:                                                   
 Pro Tech Toolkit
Simac / Joy-IT  Simac / Joy-IT makes the sun shine with:
 1 x JOY-iT JT-RD6006 DC Power Supply Set
 1 x DMSO2D72 3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscope, Signalgenerator
 and Multimeter                                                                                    
Franzis Verlag sponsored three (German) kits:                                        
1 x MAKER KIT for ESP32
Franzis Verlag
Peak Electronic Design   From Peak Electronic Design:
  1 x ZEN50 - Atlas ZEN Zener Diode Analyser
  1 x ESR70 Atlas ESR PLUS - Equivalent Series Resistance Meter 
  LabNation throws in: 
  1x SmartScope - The oscilloscope of the new generation.               
MagPi  The MagPi - the official
 Raspberry Pi magazine sponsored:                                              

 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 - 8GB
 1 x High-Quality Camera Module
 1 x 6 mm CS-Mount Camera Lens

Thanks to our sponsors: 

our sponsors

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