What:  Next-generation wireless systems are targeting a range of new capabilities including higher bandwidth, more connected devices, and low latency. Millimeter wave technology is a key enabler for this upcoming wireless revolution and Keysight solutions deliver accurate, repeatable results at ever-higher frequencies and wider bandwidths.

When: On June 23rd, 24th and 25th, Keysight will offer training courses and virtual demonstrations of advanced tools for design, simulation, and test:

June 23rd:  Keysight’s emerging mmWave Applications featuring demonstrations of new mmWave solutions in Satcom and 6G which enable customers to:
  • Get products to market first while remaining agile
  • Research 6G now with up to 10 GHz bandwidth
  • Perform comprehensive radio frequency (RF) signal analysis
  • Take multiport/multisite measurements
June 24th: Keysight’s virtual mmWave innovations design course featuring new PathWave Design software applications which enable customers to:
  • Unravel integration complexity
  • Analyze complex circuits for stability
  • Validate designs in simulation
  • Perform phased array system modeling
June 25th: Keysight’s advanced mmWave measurement solutions, including new ways to solve the toughest mmWave measurement problems and enable customers to:
  • Keep up with evolving wireless test needs
  • Ensure accuracy for non-linear applications
  • Fully characterize beamformer modules
  • Characterize mmWave devices accurately
Registration Information
Additional information about the event is available at: www.keysight.com/find/MillimeterWaveInnovations

Register for the live event at: https://gateway.on24.com/wcc/experience/elitekeysighttechnologies/2189474/2385569/millimeter-wave-innovations