Review: eC-stencil-mate and eC-stencil-fix

August 26, 2016 | 00:00
Review: eC-stencil-mate and eC-stencil-fix
Review: eC-stencil-mate and eC-stencil-fix
Say you have a small production run of circuit boards that you would like to assemble yourself. However, the designer used a large number of SMD components. Then the eC-stencil-mate is the answer! Using this you can with a flick of the wrist – a single hand motion – apply exactly the correct amount of solder paste to every pad on the circuit board.

For PCBs up to 350 x 250 mm is the eC-stencil-mate a welcome and time-saving tool that will help you with the assembly of (SMD) circuit boards. An easy to use, but very accurate, positioning system lets you use simple, cheap, frame-less stencils. The sturdy construction made from aluminum ensures reproducibility and accuracy of the process and durability of the machine. Because the eC-stencil-mate lifts the stencil vertically away from the circuit board, even with small pads and footprints a reliable application of solder paste is guaranteed.


Is one side of the circuit board already populated with components? This has already been taken into consideration: with magnetic attachments and supports you can hold a circuit board in place and solder paste can then be applied to the unpopulated side just as easily as to the first side. The very easy to use eC-registration system ensures both precision and saves time when doing this.

Applying solder paste with the eC-stencil-mate is, of course, not limited to only the SMD pads. It is also perfectly suitable for applying the paste for through-hole components. Using this so-called PIP technology (Pin in Paste), sometimes also called THTR (Through Hole Technology Reflow), you solder all the parts during the conventional reflow process. This does require, however, that all the parts are capable of withstanding the temperatures of the reflow process. But this does save a step during the assembly process and therefore time and money.
You spread the solder paste with a so-called eC-squeegee, which is supplied with the eC-stencil-mate (it is also available separately via the eC-spare parts). Below you can see a clear instructional video of the process.


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