The process of ordering of a circuit board via the RF pool is identical to that of ordering a circuit board for the other prototyping services. You log into your account at and select Calculate and order from the menu Calculate and order.
On this page you can choose which service you would like to use. In this case that will be the RF pool, of course. Select the Price calculator if you would like a quick price calculation based on the board dimensions and a few default settings.
When your printed circuit board design is finished, you will, via the button Analyse your data, arrive at the page where you can upload your Eagle or Gerber files for processing with the PCB Visualizer and the PCB Checker. In the event that you are not completely certain about the configuration of your PCB, you can, via the button Launch inquiry, call for assistance from a knowledgeable staff member of the Eurocircuits sales team who will help you with selecting the correct technical characteristics for your PCB. You can also call for help from the PCB Visualizer, a very handy tool where you can set the required PCB technology and options even before ordering the circuit board and thereby prevent potential problems that could occur during its manufacture.

Just as with the Standard pool and Proto pool services, with the RF pool you can also choose between a two-layer or four-layer circuit board. If required, you can also change the color of the solder mask and the overlay, you can even choose PCB PIXture and have your own image design printed on the PCB, but then it is no longer part of the pooling service.

The exact circuit board specifications can be found in summary table here.

Are you ready to order or would you just like to take a look at the possibilities? The log in via and enter your circuit board details.

And if you would like to see how a four-layer circuit board is made then watch the video below.

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