Eurocircuits PCB Assembly ProcessFollow the PCB assembly process step-by-step

For the assembly of prototype PCBs it is vital to have minimum setup times when changing from one job to another and to have the shortest possible overall process time.

Optimisation is key and Eurocircuits is constantly monitoring their full assembly process to ensure it has the best optimisation without compromising on quality.

By working with our suppliers and developing our own software we have been able to offer fully assembled PCB prototypes with a lead time of a little as 6 WD without adding any premium (PCB proto 3+3 WD).

To help you learn more about each step in our PCB assembly process we have created a series of short informative videos for you to watch. There is an overview video and one for each step of the process.

All brought together on one orderly webpage Assembly Manufacturing Technology. There you can navigate from topic to topic.

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