Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, today announced MobileStack, a new subscriber session monitoring capability for the company’s Vision X high-performance network packet broker (NPB) which delivers scalable, subscriber-aware visibility into 4G and 5G packet core to improve quality of service monitoring while lowering costs.

Mobile data volume explodes

Mobile data volume continues to explode as 5G reaches the subscriber masses. According to Ericsson, global total mobile data traffic is estimated to reach approximately 51 Exabytes (EB) per month by the end of 2020 and is projected to grow by a factor of around 4.5 to reach 226 EB per month in 2026. [1] The telecommunications industry anticipates that 5G will have a greater impact on mobile traffic volumes than prior generations. As a result, 5G will drive a greater need for subscriber and traffic monitoring to ensure quality of service (QoS).

“Mobile network operators are already dealing with a data explosion, but with 5G, data volumes will push their mobile infrastructure, particularly monitoring probe capacity, beyond its limits,” said Scott Bryden, vice president of Keysight’s operators industry solutions group. “Mobile operators need a solution that enables them to strategically monitor subscribers and network traffic, without driving up costs. MobileStack offers mobile network operators the visibility and control needed to lower costs and gain a competitive advantage while delivering enhanced quality of service to subscribers.”

Keysight's MobileStack on Vision X offers mobile network operators the following key benefits:

  • Zero packet loss visibility into mobile subscriber activity, enabling monitoring probes to produce accurate results.
  • Reduced monitoring costs which increases average profitability per user.
  • Ability to scale monitoring in existing 4G networks and transition into 5G to handle the anticipated increase in 5G traffic.
  • Ability to manage subscriber traffic to reduce monitoring probe loads while effectively measuring quality of service.

[1] Ericsson Mobility Report, November 2020