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STDRIVE101 - Triple half-bridge gate drive

The STDRIVE101 is a low voltage gate driver suitable for driving three-phase brushless motors. It is a single-chip with three half-bridge gate drivers for N-channel power MOSFETs. Each driver has a current capability of 600 mA (sink/source). It integrates a low drop linear regulator generating the supply voltage for both low-side and high-side gate drivers through bootstrap circuitry.

  • Operating voltage from 5.5 to 75 V
  • 600 mA sink/source current capability
  • 3.3 V and 5 V control logic
  • Two input strategies:
    • ENx/INx with adjustable deadtime generation
    • INHx/INLx with interlocking
  • Matched propagation delay for all channels
  • Very short propagation delay: 40 ns
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes
  • 12 V LDO linear regulator (50 mA max.)
  • Embedded VDS monitor for each external MOSFET
  • Overcurrent comparator
  • UVLO and thermal shutdown protection
  • Standby mode for low current consumption operation 
STDRIVE101 - Triple half-bridge gate driver
STDRIVE101 - Triple half-bridge gate driver

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