Apacer, the world's leading industrial storage and memory brand, has released the CoreSnapshot instant SSD backup and recovery technology. This real-time solution can return a damaged system to normal in just one second, via cloud access or out-of-band management. In view of the rapid development of 5G high-speed networking applications and smart terminal devices, manufacturers and service providers are deploying large numbers of cloud storage devices to improve production and service efficiency. The system operation or data transmission process may be exposed to outdoor or extreme environments, or to malicious attacks by hackers, which can cause instability or damage to a storage device. This in turn could lead to the loss of important data, unexpected system shutdowns or operational downtime. These are important issues that companies such as factory automation suppliers and ATM/kiosk manufacturers cannot afford to ignore.

Apacer has developed the firmware-based proprietary CoreSnapshot technology that provides an instant full disk backup and recovery mechanism for SSDs in one second. CoreSnapshot uses a unique disk snapshot technology to perform a complete backup without affecting system operation when data is written. When an enterprise equipment data error or damage occurs, recovery can be triggered by software or hardware immediately, and the backup data can be restored to full operation in a second. When industrial computer equipment detects an unexpected blue screen of death (BSOD), it triggers CoreSnapshot to resume system operation in one second, immediately solving such issues as automated teller machine system errors or hacker attacks, digital advertising billboard BSODs, automatic toll payment machine crashes, and so on.

CoreSnapshot pairs well with Apacer’s SV25C Cloud SSD series, which covers a wide variety of capacities and form factors. This solution integrates well with hardware, software, cloud, and BIOS strategic partners. In addition to operating on the client-side SSD storage system, it’s also compatible with a variety of software and hardware remote trigger methods such as: public cloud, private cloud, out-of-band and BIOS execution. CoreSnapshot is tailored to the varying needs of enterprise customers, and provides the best solution for real-time SSD rescue. It not only helps customers reduce RMA return/repair costs and on-site service-support-related expenses, but also avoids data errors or system downtime. And since it can restore a system’s data and OS in just a second, it’s truly the savior the AIoT and enterprise industries have been anticipating.

CoreSnapshot Instant SSD Backup and Recovery Technology