Outlines the development blueprint for a full DDR5 product line

Apacer, a leading international manufacturer of industrial DRAM and SSDs, is promoting the DDR5 eco-chain alliance and outlining the development blueprint for a full DDR5 memory module product line, covering four major categories: server, industrial, consumer and gaming. In order to accelerate its mass production plans, Apacer is working closely with strategic partners to provide products and technical support to manufacturers of ICs, platforms, key components and even test software and SPD programmers, and successfully integrating DDR5’s key technologies. Apacer's DDR5 memory has passed the latest JEDEC certification test, and mass production is just around the corner. In the future, Apacer will be the first to supply early adopters of DDR5 technology, such as enterprise and data center servers, AI, high-speed computing, high-end laptops, creator PCs, gaming and other applications.

C. K. Chang, the president of Apacer, said that to promote the application of DDR5 memory technology, in addition to platform support, the importance of component integration and testing should not be underestimated. In the process of developing the latest DDR5 memory modules,
Apacer has developed the DDR5 eco-chain alliance, which covers DRAM ICs, CPUs, motherboards, as well as key components such as PCBs, RCDs (Register Clock Drivers), DBs (Data Buffers), power management ICs, SPD hubs, and temperature sensors. It also involves test software and SPD programmers, and integrating key DDR5 technologies to complete verification through teamwork accelerates the development of upstream and downstream partners’ technologies. This has successfully built the DDR5 memory modules that are closest to mass production on the market.

DDR5 memory bandwidth is twice that of DDR4, and if the transmission rate is calculated at the initial 4.8 Gbps, it is 50% higher than the current 3.2 Gbps of DDR4. In addition to the significant improvement in performance, DDR5 memory has also made good progress in capacity, stability, and power efficiency. Apacer’s latest DDR5 memory will be first released in UDIMM specifications, followed by RDIMM, SODIMM and other specifications, supporting Intel’s 12th-generation Core processor Alder Lake, Xeon processor Sapphire Rapids-SP (Eagle stream platform), and AMD’s Zen4 EPYC Processor Genoa.

Apacer is committed to the brand spirit of “Adding Value, Enhancing Collaboration,” and plans to release a complete DDR5 memory module product line. It is expected to grow in the application markets that demand high performance, which will not only help the markets adopt the latest and higher-performance DDR5 technology earlier, but also create new business opportunities with strategic partners. According to the release schedule of the DDR5 support platform, Apacer estimates that DDR5 samples will be sent in the second half of 2021, and will gradually enter mass production in 2022.

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